PUBG update adjusts blue zone and maps to encourage better strategy

PUBG PC Update 10

PUBG PC Update 10

As explained by team in patch notes posted on Steam, this patch is looking to make tweaks to the blue zone, as well as make changes to the Miramar map. If you're caught outside of the blue zone at any time, you begin taking damage. Now the blue zone will shrink at a faster speed than before in the start of the game which many players wanted.

In War Mode players will be grouped into a 10-player team and then must parachute into the safe zone.

PUBG Corporation has also made some changes to Miramar, adding new areas and opportunities for high-tier loot in the northern portion of the map. Unlike Battle Royale, the Safe Zone does not move throughout the course of the game.

We've adjusted Safe Zone and Blue Zone functionality.

Except for the first blue zone, the probability of creating an extreme safe zone (one far away from the center of the previous circle) has been reduced by 30%.

In addition to this PUBB Corp has reduced favoring of the land zone rather than water reducing players being left on islands towards the end of the game.

PUBG PC Update 10
PUBG Miramar map gets several significant changes to make areas more appealing

PUBG's new map Savage got its first round of beta testing on PC earlier in the month, and now players who missed out are getting another chance to give it a try.

On Miramar specifically, players can now see the first Safe Zone while flying in the airplane.

The 4x4km Savage map is a quarter of the size of the game's other two maps, European map Erangel and desert-themed Miramar.

We've optimized the GPU performance of buildings seen from mid-range (all maps). There are also some UI changes and bug fixes coming along with this patch, so be sure to check out PUBG Corp's full patch notes to read about those.

Right now, the development team are trying to iron out the major issues before launching it on the live PUBG servers. The changes were introduced via the latest update.

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