Russian Federation fails to win United Nations backing to condemn military strikes on Syria

Russia accuses UK of staging Syria gas attack

Russia accuses UK of staging Syria gas attack

- US President Donald Trump condemned Syria's two main allies, Russian Federation and Iran, for supporting "murderous dictators".

Russian President Vladimir Putin calls it an "act of aggression" that will only worsen the humanitarian crisis in Syria. Besides that being an unfortunate echo of former President George W. Bush's premature victory declaration during the Iraq war, it's unclear how much the US has accomplished.

Russia's defense ministry said that none of the dozens of missiles and smart bombs fired over a period of about 90 minutes entered airspace guarded by advanced systems above Russian bases near the coast.

The Russian military had vowed to respond to any attack, and President Vladimir Putin's administration had repeatedly warned Trump was taking America down a risky path.

"We do not seek conflict in Syria, but we can not allow such grievous violations of global law", she said, referring to the suspected chemical attack.

"A large body of information indicates that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons", U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told the U.N. Security Council on Saturday.

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley speaks during the emergency United Nations Security Council meeting on Syria at the U.N. headquarters in NY, U.S., April 14, 2018.

"This invasion is a clear violation of worldwide regulations and undermining Syria's national sovereignty and integrity", Iran's Foreign Ministry said.

"China believes that a political solution is the only realistic way out for the Syrian issue", she added. - Tweet by European Council President Donald Tusk.

Haley said the United States and its allies "acted, not as revenge" but to "deter the future use of chemical weapons by holding the Syrian regime responsible for its atrocities against humanity".

"Today is not the day to shirk your responsibilities", he said.

Officials from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar expressed support for the strikes on Syrian government targets.

He added that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime was responsible for the gas attack in Douma, a rebel-held suburb last week. "This massacre was a significant escalation in a pattern of chemical weapons use by that very awful regime", Trump alleged.

During a week of tense sabre-rattling, Russian officials periodically warned the United States that a military response may spiral out of control to war.

May said she had authorised British armed forces "to conduct coordinated and targeted strikes to degrade the Syrian regime's chemical weapons capability".

In the aftermath of the attack, the western powers set out their justification for military action that was carried out without a mandate from the United Nations and in the face of criticism from Assad's allies Russian Federation and Iran.

The Syrian UN envoy Bashar Jaafari said the worldwide community did not agree to or authorize the strikes carried out by the US, UK and France.

"A lack of accountability emboldens those who would use such weapons by providing them with the reassurance of impunity", he said.

His generals pushed back, not wanting to escalate tensions with those two countries, the officials said. "The attack this morning against Syria is a crime", Khamenei said.

United Nations secretary- general, António Guterres, said that while use of chemical weapons was "abhorrent" and "horrendous", he urged caution in retaliating, expressing concern that any escalation of the violence would only increase the suffering of those living in Syria.

The one-off missile strike in April 2017 targeted the airfield from which the Syrian aircraft had launched their gas attack.

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