Senate passes wage gap laws on 'Equal Pay Day'

The boom in Seattle's skyline has unintended consequences for the city's gender pay gap

The boom in Seattle's skyline has unintended consequences for the city's gender pay gap

As discussed on Music Business Worldwide, the average shared between the major labels sits at 33.8 per cent.

Morrisons had a median gender pay gap of 12.1%. Employers can win the war for talent by empowering women in the workplace by helping them return to work after career breaks, allowing more flexible working options, and supporting highly skilled female staff into higher paid, higher level roles.

Increasing availability of quality and affordable child care and passing stronger paid leave laws will help close the gender wage gap in addition to greatly benefiting both fathers and mothers and the health of their children. For the past three years, we've been focused on making WMUK a more dynamic and forward-thinking organisation. The study looked at gender and pay for more than 1.3 million employees at 777 USA companies.

And while the median pay gap for research institutes and science funders is similar to the national median, other science institutions fare much worse. "We ask the administration to immediately stop blocking the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission from implementing an equal pay initiative aimed at identifying and helping root out pay discrimination".

The research concluded that a woman with a full-time, year-round job in Utah makes 70-cents to every man's dollar, adding up to almost $8.4 billion annual loss attributed to the gender wage gap.

Our sympathies are with all those affected, male or female - GroceryAid will need our increased support to continue its good work with them.

John Lewis Partnership, which incorporates the John Lewis and Waitrose brands, had the narrowest median gender pay gap of the top retailers at 7.8%, the highest proportion of women in the top-paid quartile (44%) and the lowest proportion of women in the lower quartile (63%). PayScale found that women earned an average of 98 cents on the dollar.

With it came a deluge of illuminating figures about discrepancies in how men and women are compensated, understandably sparking lively debate about why pay gaps exist and how to address them. Over recent years, we now see that balance reversing.

Sectors such as health and social care, on the other hand, have smaller pay gaps, which Ehrenberg-Shannon attributes to the fact that these industries have more evenly distributed pay structures.

The supermarket said that around 70% of its lower-paid in-store customer assistant roles were held by women, while positions that attracted a higher rate of pay - such as those with unsocial working patterns or "craft food skills" - received fewer female applicants.

The most troubling outcome of this widespread female employment underconfidence is poor representation of women across big company boards, the public sector and law making - meaning ultimately that big decisions in the United Kingdom are still consistently made mostly by men. In Utah, a woman would have to work until she's 77 years old to make what a man makes by the time he is 60 years old.

Women have not been able to educate themselves out of the wage gap.

The Ferret already reported on the banks that have reported a large gender pay gaps.

There is a "motherhood penalty" for earnings.

The Telegraph's pay gap pledge comes as... The figures are illuminating and helpful but, unless they are followed by proactive steps to address inequality, the whole thing will amount to a pretty pointless exercise.

Universities, for instance, have a median pay gap of 16 percent, and scientific publishers have a median pay gap of 22 percent.

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