Syria Warns of Dangerous Repercussions of Israeli Attacks

US denies attack on Syrian military base

US denies attack on Syrian military base

The alleged chemical attack on the militant-held town of Douma in the Eastern Ghouta region over the weekend left dozens dead and drew global condemnation from various countries and worldwide bodies.

Israeli military sources have declined to comment on missile attack recorded last morning in Syria.

Russian Federation and Syria blamed Israel for carrying out an airstrike on the T-4 military air base in Homs Province early Monday.

But initial speculation that the United States had carried out the missile strikes were swiftly quashed by the Pentagon, which said U.S. forces had not launched an attack.

Russian Federation and the Syrian Government say Israeli planes launched missile strikes which hit a regime airfield near the city of Homs.

Both Washington and Paris denied carrying out Monday's raid.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, two Israeli Air Force F-15 jets carried out an airstrike on the T-4 airfield from Lebanese territory without entering Syria's airspace on early Monday.

The Russian army also accused Israel, saying two Israeli F-15s had fired eight missiles at the base and that five were destroyed by air defence systems but three hit a western part of the facility.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, NGO with informants on ground, said that 14 people had died, including several Iranian combatants.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on Monday called for a "strong and robust worldwide response" to the attack, after similar calls by Paris and Washington.

The official Syrian news agency SANA reported that casualties had been recorded, without specifying ir number, in a bombing of a Syrian military airport in center of country. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons "made a preliminary analysis of the reports of the alleged use of chemical weapons immediately after they were issued", said director general Ahmet Uzumcu. Trump condemned on Sunday alleged chemical attack that had caused dozens of dead near Damascus and warned that those responsible "would pay a high price".

"The US statement that it did not attack Syria should be understood in the sense that [the Americans] do not want to come into direct confrontation with Russian Federation".

The base, which was used as a launching pad for counter offensive attacks against Islamic State militants who were at one point stationed close by, is near the Shayrat air base, which was targeted by USA missiles past year in response to a chemical weapons attack.

Also, Syria stressed that the Israeli aggression on the T-4 Airport in the countryside of Homs would not have been possible without the USA limitless support.

The ministry noted that Israel's repeated acts of aggression against Syria had failed to protect the regime's partners and agents represented by terrorist groups and prevent the Syrian army from achieving gains against terrorism.

The Sound and Picture Organization, an activist collective in eastern Syria, said on Tuesday that Iranian fighters and members of Lebanon's Hezbollah group have evacuated their positions in the Boukamal area, near Iraq's border.

No Russian specialists present in Syria were injured in the attack, Moscow's defence ministry said.

Backed by Moscow, Assad has waged a seven-week assault on Ghouta that has killed more than 1,700 civilians and left Islamist rebels cornered in their last holdout of Douma, Ghouta's largest town.

Russia's foreign minister has called reports of a suspected poison gas attack in Syria a "provocation".

Several buses of detainees arrived in Damascus overnight after having been freed by Jaish al-Islam, and rebels were being evacuated in a parallel operation on Monday, SANA said.

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