WhatsApp gets 'Dismiss as Admin' and 'High Priority' features

How to transfer Whatsapp from iPhone to Android

How to transfer Whatsapp from iPhone to Android

WhatsApp has updated the beta version with a feature that will keep track of high priority notification so that you don't miss any important message on the chat app. That's it. That person will be instantly demoted from a group admin to a group member. It not just brings "High Priority" notifications on board but also the "Dismiss as admin" feature on iOS and web. The new feature is available on the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, version 2.18.118, which is rolling out now. Clicking on the pin at the top of WhatsApp screen, the pinned chats would come to the top in the chat list making ease for users. This particular feature allows users to remove the admin of group. Well the pros and corns of this feature will be revealed soon when more people will use it. Lets see when this feature will be launched for Android Users. This option supports both the individual and group chats.

While the member who has been demoted from being the admin of a group, won't be notified for the same, if the group creator decides to change his phone number using the "Change Number" option, other administrators might get the ability to dismiss him as admin or even remove from the group.

With the new feature rolled, the group admin of the WhatsApp group can now remove the admin without removing him from the group. Few days ago the firm updated its WhatsApp Payments feature on Android. And you thought there was no way your group chat could get any more annoying... This notification is also for WhatsApp groups.

That said, the "Dismiss as admin" feature also fixes a loophole that has been prevalent for years.

The 'Dismiss as Admin' feature is quite different, in that its availability is entirely different from the Android beta program. For dismissing or demoting another admin, a user would need to long press the contact present in the Group info page and select the "dismiss as admin" feature.

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