WWE Raw Results and Recap: The Superstar Shakeup begins

WWE Raw Results and Recap: The Superstar Shakeup begins

WWE Raw Results and Recap: The Superstar Shakeup begins

During the segment with Titus Worldwide, Dolph Ziggler let the world know that he had not arrived on Monday nights all alone as he brought Drew McIntyre with him. And since Backlash is FINALLY a cross-brand event, there is no combination of superstars following the Shakeup that are off the table. Mahal later states he'll fight Hardy for a rematch at Greatest Royal Rumble. Kurt Angle tells him that he needs to be a fighting champion and makes the announcement that he has to defend title against anyone who wants to challenge him.

The A-Lister could do the same thing for the United States Championship if given the opportunity, so it would make sense to move Jinder Mahal and his belt to Raw while sending The Architect and the IC title to SmackDown. If The Usos are drafted to Raw, it would be nice of WWE to keep the married Jimmy and Naomi on the same show.

But while the two continued to get in each other's face for months on end, it never led to a match as Bryan was still barred from competition by WWE's medical staff. Having Lynch, Banks and Bayley all on the same show would be fantastic, as the trio could have numerous matches for the women's championship. This means that Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan, and Ruby Riott are coming to Raw. After dumping their manager Paul Ellering, they compete in a rematch. It's still unknown what exactly they're doing with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, as either man was unable to attain a Raw contract. This could give him a completely different persona for his return.

The Miz found out he was heading to SmackDown, where Daniel Bryan awaits, but even that bad news could not rain on his final parade with the red brand.

Dain, Wolfe, Cross and Young would be a better fit on SmackDown since Raw already has its own unconventional characters in Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt. They proceed to give them tickets. If this rumor turns out to be true Monday nights will become phenomenal.

Baron Corbin: Vince McMahon is reportedly still very high on Corbin as a major player, and the video package he was given to announce his arrival on Raw made him look like a big deal.

Just like last week, Moon picks up a win with the visually impressive Eclipse.

Here's a list of everyone who was moved or called up during the Superstar Shakeup.

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