40 percent of moms fake their reaction to their Mother's Day gift

Kevin Mazur  WireImage
Taylor Swift and her mother attend the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards held at Staples Center on Jan. 31 2010 in Los Angeles

Kevin Mazur WireImage Taylor Swift and her mother attend the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards held at Staples Center on Jan. 31 2010 in Los Angeles

None of this means we do not love them.

If I can offer advice to anyone reading, it's this: spend time with your mother on Mother's Day. I'm so thankful for you.

"There were 15 kids in her family-and her dad lost the family farm in the Depression, and then they moved up here to South Brainerd". I couldn't ask her anything anymore. She wouldn't miss a game. "I love you mama. happy Mother's Day!".

"(At games), from Miami, there's a lot of competition and parents go wild in the stands. She was never angry or violent, as so many people with dementia can become. "It was a team thing, so all the moms had their chants and it was really amusing, actually". But then I'm reminded... our babies don't need flawless moms. She is a firecracker with an incredible sense of humor. You are awesome, you were there when we needed you, treated us like we were the best even when we felt like we were the worst. But my mom's always been that one that's just been, you know that she cares for me and I can always feel that unconditional love. But she's pretty nervous. We took this picture last Christmas and it's my favorite because I helped her cook. Are you stressed on the mound? We are all grateful of what you have done and what you will do.

The doodle on the Mother's Day has a mom dinosaur with her baby along with the handprints the mother and the child equal to number letters in the logo of Google.

Sometimes the Mother may not be a part of the child's life for a multitude of reasons, for those fathers or grandparents who have had to take on the mom role... thanks to you. Now, where's the Cool Mom Award when you need it? I think of her excitement when she receives her gift, whether it's golf apparel, home décor, or something unique, like a painted birdhouse. And believe me, the person who wrote these words was an authority. And the girl said, "Oh, yes, I learned by watching you. She is the best mom in the world". "Whatever I'm today is only because of her". "This is a game that I'm supposed to have fun, and she kind of puts it in perspective". The time I see her, I get the power and can stand strong.

Google doodle also celebrated 'Mother's Day' and created a very colourful and lovely doodle. Or you can do the taking out and let the spouse stay home with the kids.

None of us should have any problems coming up with those. Someone has correctly said that the perfection of a woman is to become a mother and if the woman is depressed and spoiled by the society before she could reach the stage of motherhood due to rape and other social evils against her then the society is responsible for not shaping her to be a good mother in the future. Especially noteworthy are the people who rush in near closing time, panicked because they forgot the whole thing, and rush out with a gift that has no meaning, or worse, try to get something delivered so they don't even have to be present!

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