All 7 Philip Roth Movies Ranked, From 'American Pastoral' to 'Goodbye, Columbus'

Usually set in his birthplace New Jersey Philip Roth’s fiction was known for its autobiographical nature

Usually set in his birthplace New Jersey Philip Roth’s fiction was known for its autobiographical nature

"Roth's coarsest, frankest, and most exhilarating novel, Sabbath's Theater shows off Roth's linguistic verve, his brilliant characterisation, and his unparalleled ability to stare unblinkingly into the psyche of a depraved scoundrel", says Read It Forward, a website dedicated to all things literary.

Philip Roth, a league of American writer for whom John Updike and Saul Bellow were contemporaries, has died from congestive heart failure, reports Charles McGrath of the New York Times.

The celebrated and controversial author of "Portnoy's Complaint, ' 'The Counterlife" and other novels was 85.

Throughout his career, Roth won two National Book Awards in addition to the Pulitzer Prize for fiction for his 1997 book "American Pastoral", which featured his recurring alter ego Nathan Zuckerman.

Roth never won the Nobel Prize, but was awarded almost every other accolade going - including the Pulitzer, National Book Critics Circle Award, and the Man Booker prize for worldwide achievement.

The author of more than 25 books, Roth was an uncompromising realist and satirist, confronting readers in a bold, direct style that scorned false sentiment or hopes for heavenly reward.

He referred to Philip - who is behind books The Ghost Writer, The Plot Against America and The Humbling - as the "greatest living writer" in a touching message.

"His imagination has not only recast our idea of Jewish identity, it has also reanimated fiction, and not just American fiction, generally", the chair of the judges of the prize announced at the time.

Philip Roth: A literary life in seven stages
Novelist Philip Roth has died

After his 2010 novel, Nemesis, Philip went back and reread over everything he had ever written.

He graduated from Bucknell and pursued a master's degree from the University of Chicago graduating in 1955.

In his later years, Roth turned to the existential and sexual crises of middle age, never abandoning his commitment to exploring shame, embarrassment and other guilty secrets of the self, although usually with a heavy dose of humor.

The decorated author won most top literary honours, but the coveted Nobel Literature Prize eluded him.

"I decided that I was done with fiction", he said.

He added: "Improbably, I had the honor of meeting Philip Roth just a few months ago to discuss an adaptation of Plot Against America". It's enough. I no longer feel this dedication to write what I have experienced my whole life'.

In an email exchange with The New Yorker, Roth said Lindbergh was a pilot "who had displayed tremendous physical courage and aeronautical genius". He married Margaret Martinson Williams. The couple divorced in 1995 and Bloom wrote a memoir called "Leaving the Doll's House" where she depicted him as a misogynist and control freak.

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