Android P seems to have added fingerprint gestures to YouTube



The feature will be added without a specific app update, but it is not now available to all users.

A new YouTube TV feature is rolling out. Depending on the application you're using it may be referred to by different names.

Users can go to the app's Settings, History & privacy, and toggle the option to pause your search and watch history which more or less does the same thing.

If you're listening, Google, we'd like that incognito setting right away, please; feel free to put dark mode on hold if that helps. As reported by Android Police, some YouTube TV users have noticed that their Android Clients have received an option which enables them to control the app via their voice. Now it looks like Google will be extending incognito mode to YouTube on Android.

Since the YouTube TV "Voice Remote" feature is not yet part of a downloadable update, there is no choice but to wait for Google to make the official announcement.

With Incognito Mode on, all your activity from the current session is not saved and subscriptions are hidden too.

Some will say that implementing this type of feature into an application is appreciated, but it can actually be quite the hassle if it isn't readily available to the user. To its credit, YouTube has been getting better at understanding which videos are absolute garbage and shouldn't be recommended on its home page, but I still shudder at the thought of people discovering my abhorrent taste in videos.

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