Arsenal Backroom Staff Follow Arsene Wenger Out Of The Club

Richard Bevan made the case for loyalty over the weekend

Richard Bevan made the case for loyalty over the weekend

Ian Wright scored the first goal of the Wenger regime at Arsenal all those years ago, Aubameyang scored the last with this strike; there is a fair comparison to make, even if at 28, Aubameyang will not trouble the club's all time records.

Arsene Wenger has reiterated he will not take another job in the Premier League as it would feel like a betrayal of Arsenal.

"Footballers want clarity and obviously at the moment we don't know who's going to be coming in to take the reins", the Colombian told Sky Sports.

Colin Lewin, head of the club's medical department, has been at the club a year longer than Wenger but will also be departing - as well as coaches Neil Banfield, Gerry Peyton and Tony Colbert, with Paul Johnson leaving his post as equipment manager.

Huddersfield were fitting hosts for the occasion.

"It has been emotional for anybody connected to Arsenal football club".

Wenger signed off his Arsenal career with a 1-0 Premier League win at Huddersfield on Sunday. "As I said in my speech on the pitch after the Burnley game, I'm a fan above all".

Arsenal have won the FA Cup seven times under Wenger, including three triumphs in the past five seasons at the French coach.

Two planes flew over the stadium, carrying messages reading; "Merci Arsene, we will miss you too" and "One Arsene Wenger".

We made some applause.

"I should have announced every week I retire", Wenger said.

He added that there was no sense of relief that his farewell period had come to a close.

"If he stays I will be the happiest guy in the world and if he decides to move because he has this offer, this option, I will not say you do not have to go. It is good for the future and I am sure next season will be a good season". "It will be hard to adjust of course but I will have to deal with that".

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