Brooklyn Nine-Nine saved by NBC

Andy Samberg as Detective Jake Peralta in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Andy Samberg as Detective Jake Peralta in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Fox execs are "really happy" for Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast and creators whose comedy series has landed on NBC after Fox cancelled it last week. Netflix, Hulu, TBS and NBC reached to Universal TV with the interest of picking up the series for new seasons.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" will air midseason, but Greenblatt said the network has not figured out exactly where it will land on the schedule.

Sure enough - only one day later - NBC decidedly picked up Brooklyn Nine-Nine for a thirteen-episode sixth season. The show is made by an NBC Universal-owed studio.

"NBC! Now, wait, first of all, NBC is bigger and better!" If he was, it might have been a different decision, Greenblatt said. The mystery/sci-fi-ish show focuses on a turbulent plane flight that ends safely - but the world has moved on, to five years in the future.

Another drama, "New Amsterdam", features a renegade new medical director at Bellevue, a New York City hospital, the oldest in America. Actress Shannon Purser, who plays Annabelle Bowman on "Rise", tweeted the news of the show's cancellation.

"It was great to know the fans were outraged, but we were too". (As well as maybe gave some people flashbacks to Fox cancelling such gems as Firefly and Arrested Development.) Perhaps it even means the series will work to get the famous Star Wars actor on for a cameo or role next year?

NBCUniversal produces "Brooklyn Nine Nine", so there is some natural attraction - and regret, says Greenblatt.

Throw in the addition of Thursday Night Football and Fox just seemed to run out of room for Brooklyn Nine-Nine after its initial five-season deal. Observing that the debate between "single-cam versus multicam" has been ongoing, Greenblatt noted: "I think you want the best cam".

The network and producers went to last-minute extremes to keep "Lethal Weapon" in the lineup, bringing Seann William Scott ("American Pie") onboard to co-star with Damon Wayans.

Fox execs assumed it would land elsewhere, knowing of conversations going on at the time, Fox TV Group co-chair/CEO Dana Walden told reporters on a phone call, a few hours before the networks Upfront Week presentation to advertisers.

That should give those five new entertainment series on the two networks more time to be promoted and a better chance to succeed in a climate that is increasingly hard for more shows to catch on.

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