Dog rescues his friend from drowning in pool in Mesa

Watch dog with a 'heart of gold' dive into the water to save his doggy best friend

Watch dog with a 'heart of gold' dive into the water to save his doggy best friend

Video shows Smokey struggling to try and get out of the pool on May 1 as Remus is right above him.

Surveillance video of a dog with a "heart of gold" is going viral after it showed him saving his best friend from drowning in a swimming pool.

"Jay recorded this off our security camera when he saw Smokey all wet", he said.

She praised "hero" dog Remus, saying though he may be "a insane pup he's got a heart of gold".

The incredible video was captured by Laurie and her husband Jay Becerra on security camera, reported.

Luckily for Smokey, Remus was there to help.

Remus, the other dog in the video, can be seen attempting to rescue Smokey but first attempts are unsuccessful.

He may "be a insane pup, but he's got a heart of gold", they said.

Becerra wrote on Facebook that her husband had stepped inside the house for a few minutes and the dogs must have broken through a fence meant to keep them away from the water.

Laurie added that the two play around the pool "all the time" without incident. "He said that the dog is a real certified lifeguard".

It's a rescue seen all over the internet, and one you have to see to believe.

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