Europe, Iran diplomats plan to save nuclear deal

Can Europe salvage the Iran deal?                         Read more

Can Europe salvage the Iran deal? Read more

The Europeans and Iranians have now tasked experts to come up with measures quickly and will meet again in Vienna next week at a deputy foreign minister level.

8 may the US President, Donald trump has announced the release of a Joint comprehensive plan of action, signed between Iran and six world powers in July 2015.

"What was significant is that Zarif reaffirmed their will to stick to the agreement if we find a way to help them a little", a senior European diplomat said.

The decision came days after US President Donald Trump abandoned the deal that curbs the country's nuclear ambitions.

Changing the regime in Iran is "not the policy of the administration", Bolton said on ABC. Moscow has previously stated its strong support for the agreement.

Lavrov meanwhile said Russian Federation and Europe should "jointly defend their legal interests" in terms of the deal.

"It is not the matter of Iran's nuclear deal, it is the matter of dignity of Europe because President Trump believes in unilateralism; he thinks he's master of the world, he's a business police of the world and he will make a decision and the other countries must obey him", Mr Mianji said. "Thus we need to collaboratively insist on the lawful interests of each one of us".

Both Le Maire and Germany's finance minister Olaf Scholz had spoken to their U.S. counterpart Steven Mnuchin, urging him to consider exemptions or delays for companies already present in the country.

After meeting his Chinese counterpart on Sunday, Zarif said he was hopeful of forging a "clear future design" for the accord.

Facing that reality, Le Maire said the European Union should strengthen its own legal arsenal against any such future USA threats.

"Continuity is essential in terms of agreements between states", Erdoğan told the BBC on Sunday.

The American government has already blocked United States firms from doing deals in Iran, following the President's rejection of the deal last week.

Iran has said it had asked Europe's Airbus to announce whether it would go ahead with a plane deal with Tehran following the United States pull-out.

Putin will also meet Yukiya Amano, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Sochi, presidential aide Yury Ushakov said.

French exports soared from 562 million euros in 2015 to 1.5 billion in 2017, close to the sum seen prior to the reinforced sanctions against Iran.

Russian Federation and a number of other countries have legitimate interests in the Iranian nuclear deal and they must be jointly defended, Lavrov said.

The EU trio of Germany, France and Britain have asked for a limit of 90 days, sources in Tehran have said.

Zarif held a "good and constructive" meeting with European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, adding that talks with the three European countries would continue in the next two weeks.

If we assume the worst - that European promises to Iran will ultimately prove empty or at least insufficient to motivate Iran to continue abiding by the deal - then we can expect that at some point Tehran will exit the nuclear accord.

Paris. Europe is prepared to introduce measures to nullify the effect of Donald Trump imposing sanctions on any non-US firm that continues to do business with Iran, the French government has said, The Guardian writes.The warning from the French finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, suggests Trump's proposals to corral Europe into joining USA foreign policy on Iran may lead to a severe backlash by EU firms and politicians, especially advocates of a stronger independent European foreign policy."We have to work among ourselves in Europe to defend our European economic sovereignty", Le Maire said, adding that Europe could use the same instruments as the United States to defend its interests.On Friday Le Maire put forward three main proposals starting with an EU-wide blocking statute similar to an EU regulation passed in 1996 created to nullify any U.S. sanctions imposed on EU firms.

If the New York Times is accurate, when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo contacted his European counterparts late last week to inform them of Trump's decision, he also told them he was working to convince Trump to delay an announcement for two weeks to give U.S. and European diplomats a chance to keep negotiating on Macron's grand bargain.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told "Fox News Sunday" that he is planning to approach European diplomats in the next several days to pursue the new deal, which would dispense with the US rationale to sanction European companies.

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