Facebook Rolling Out Stories Archive, Cloud Storage And Audio Posts

Facebook introduces voice posts, story archive options for users in India

Facebook introduces voice posts, story archive options for users in India

Facebook has introduced new features to lure more users to try out the disappearing photo and video format borrowed from rival Snapchat.

Among the updates, a new archive feature that's sort of a Facebook Stories equivalent of Snapchat's Memories, as well as a new feature that lets users share audio clips to their Story.

With this feature users will now have the ability to save photos and videos that you click through the Facebook camera app. Nevertheless, he said: "These are features that are rolling out first in India but eventually they will be broadly available". These photos and videos will not take up any additional space on the users' smartphones and they will be visible when users log into their Facebook accounts. The Voice Post feature will let Facebook users to quickly exchange audio-only messages with one each other as opposed to the regular text messages. However, the social media giant will roll out the feature on its Android app in the coming months but there is no word on the availability on its iOS app.

For the ones who are camera shy, Facebook is bringing voice posts. These can be accompanied by images saved in the handset. "We've been talking to our community to understand how people want to use Stories, so we can give them the tools to create and connect in meaningful ways", said Facebook. He adds that "Voice posts give people a new medium through which to express themselves". Once again, Facebook doesn't say if there will be a storage limit for this feature. It should be located right next to the "Normal" camera option in the camera mode carousel. This is the same feature Facebook introduced on Instagram past year and now it is not surprising to see it popping up on the Facebook as well.

Facebook introduces voice posts, story archive options for users in India
Facebook's new India-focused features: Voice posts, Stories archive, and save photos for later

Your Voice Posts on Stories will not be stored until you have archived the Story. This feature is coming in next few weeks. "People thus want to keep these works of art and keep them for a longer time than a day", he added.

Have you ever been about to enjoy a tasty brunch out with friends, just to have your Insta buddy ask you not to touch anything before he/she makes a Story out of it? Advertisers can move their ads over from Instagram Stories easily, or simply repurpose New Feed ads with new colors and copy.

Tech Crunch When you want to add an Emoji to a Facebook post or comment, you have a limited selection of choices. You can also post any of these Stories to News Feed. You can still find it in your Stories Archive if you have Archive turned on.

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