Google updates Pixel Buds with support for new gestures

Google’s Pixel Buds finally let you skip tracks with a double tap

Google’s Pixel Buds finally let you skip tracks with a double tap

Today, Google begins rolling out an update to address a couple of those things.

One of the complaints levied at the devices was a lack of controls and customizable gestures. Simply double tap the right earbud will skip the now playing song, so it's a great way to navigate through a playlist without needing to take out your phone.

During I/O 2018, the Google app gained the ability to customize what notifications get sent to Assistant headphones.

Google just updated is Pixel Buds so that they respond to more gestures.

In addition, there are two new gestures, to be made on the right earphone: with a triple tap, you can turn on or off the Buds, while with a double tap - manually set in the settings - you can switch to the next song during music playback.

One easy switch: To switch your Pixel Buds connection between your phone and computer, select your Pixel Buds from the Bluetooth menu of the desired device. Anything you can do on your phone through the Assistant, you can with the Pixel Buds - so long as they're connected to your phone, anyway.

Maybe I'm being too picky, but I wish on/off were active quadruple-tap. They're called triple tap, double tap, and one-easy switch.

For those unfamiliar, the Google Pixel Buds are the official Google-branded wireless earbuds. The update rolls out beginning today and should be available to most users by early next week.

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