Instagram to Offer Time Sink Insights

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Instagram will soon offer Usage Insights, which will show you how much of your precious time you're spending posting selfies and admiring pictures of other people's brunch. The Usage Insights could be startling for a lot of users revealing in-depth numbers including how long you were active on the service and what you actually did during the active time.

Now, Facebook's Instagram has confirmed a new "Time Spent" tool is coming to let users manage their time spent in the social network's app. "Any time should be positive and intentional", CEO Kevin Systrom said in a tweet. Understanding how time online impacts people is important, and it's the responsibility of all companies to be honest about this.

Though the feature has been confirmed, no additional details have been shared yet. "It's not exactly clear whether that will be your total time spent in Instagram ever, which could be a pretty scary number to some users, or within some shorter time frame like a day, week, or month". For example, you'll be able to set an alarm telling you to put the phone down after a specific period of usage.

Last week at Google I/O, the company unveiled a Digital Wellbeing platform for Android P. This will make it easier for Android device owners to limit their smartphone usage, by setting restrictions.

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