One simple way to get more out of Google

One simple way to get more out of Google - Google Blog

One simple way to get more out of Google - Google Blog

For example, the opportunity to get a discount on staying at a hotel found using Google search or a discount on other paid services of the company. So overall, it's a value-added proposition from Google.

The ruler of tariffs has undergone significant changes: a new plan has been added, costing $ 2.99 per month for 200 GB; 2 TB in the cloud can now be obtained for $ 9.99 instead of the previous $ 19.99 per month; from the tariff of $ 9.99 for 1 TB the company made a decision to refuse, so all who use it at the moment will be transferred for free to a new tariff with 2 TB of space in the cloud. Current subscribers to premium Google Drive plans will automatically be upgraded to Google One in the "coming months", the firm says.

That's right, we're looking at a rebranding of the Google Drive cloud storage product that was already available to consumers. The Mountain View company's new cloud service also offers 200GB of storage for $3 per month or 2TB of storage for $10 per month. Thanks to mobile phones, and new file formats like 4K video and high-res photography, people are storing more than ever before.

It's a new service that all those who now subscribe to Google Drive storage plans will be upgraded to. She said that "we hope to build those out over time". For those heavier users who want more than 2TB of storage, pricing will remain the same as it is now with Google Drive.

Apart from the wider storage plans, Google one offers some perks including "one-tap" access to customer support for Google services and products. You can expect a notification once the service is available in your area. Everyone gets their own private storage space as well as the additional benefits of Google One. One of its attractive features is that we can share our storage quota with up to five family member.

"This change doesn't affect "G Suite" business customers", Diwanji added. But, with this move, Google Drive can attract more customers.

Google One will go live as a service for folks to sign up to - as opposed to being upgraded from Google Drive - later in the year, according to Google. After that Google one is one of many subscription services the company offers, after all.

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