Palestine recalls envoys from four European Union nations

Israeli President Reuvan Rivlin and his counterpart Jimmy Morales during a state visit

Israeli President Reuvan Rivlin and his counterpart Jimmy Morales during a state visit

Honduras, which voted with the U.S. and Israel on the December 21 United Nations resolution, is yet to decide on relocating from Tel Aviv, despite parliamentary approval for the move.

Guatemalan President, Jimmy Morales and Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu attended the embassy opening in an office complex in west Jerusalem.

Guatemala opened an embassy in Jerusalem on Wednesday, two days after the United States inaugurated its new site in the contested city in a move that infuriated Palestinians and drew worldwide condemnation.

Morales said his country, the United States and Israel "share friendship, courage and loyalty" at the opening.

The opening comes almost 30-years after the UN ordered Guatemala and 13 other nations to relocate their embassies from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.

"This is the beginning of something extraordinary, or I would say, the re-beginning of something extraordinary, which is the relationship between Guatemala and Israel", the Times of Israel reported, citing Netanyahu, as saying. "You are the second country to recognize Israel, but you had a very important role in this".

The European Union opposed the USA move of its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Senior Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said: "The Guatemalan government has chosen to stand on the wrong side of history, to side with violations of global law and human rights, and to take a hostile step against the Palestinian people and the Arab world". "And we'd also like to see Israel Streets in Guatemala".

The statement from the PA's Foreign Ministry said the European Union nations' ambassadors had attended the reception on Sunday, a day before the U.S. opened its Israel embassy in Jerusalem.

He said that peace-loving nations should support the two-state solution agreed upon by the worldwide community, which requires the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Palestinian leaders said by relocating the embassy the United States had created incitement and instability in the region and abrogated its role as a peace mediator.

The Israeli army and police deployed thousands of officers in Jerusalem and along the Gaza Strip for the USA embassy relocation ceremony.

Since the Hamas-led protests began on March 30, more than 110 Palestinians have been killed and some 2,500 have been wounded by live fire, according to the Palestinian health ministry.

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