School shooter simulation video game is pulled after outrage

School shooter’ video game will not be released to the public after massive outcry

School shooter’ video game will not be released to the public after massive outcry

A controversial video game that simulated a school shooting has been pulled from Steam's online store ahead of its release.

Active Shooter is scheduled for release June 6, but it appeared briefly Tuesday on Valve Corporation's popular Steam marketplace before public backlash caused its removal, CNET reported.

Valve said the person behind Revived Games has a history of customer abuse, publishing copyrighted material, manipulating user-reviews and changing business names to hide their identity.

"This developer and publisher is, in fact, a person calling himself Ata Berdiyev, who had previously been removed last fall when he was operating as '[bc] Interactive" and "Elusive Team'", a spokesperson for Valve said in a statement obtained by the BBC.

When there is a school shooting, the images spark so many emotions for people across the country, and now, a new video game is seemingly glorifying such a heinous act.

Ryan Petty, who lost his 14-year-old daughter Alaina in the Parkland shooting, called the game "despicable" in a tweet.

An online petition for Valve to ban the game has reached 196,000 signatures at time of publication.

Demands from anti-gun charity The Infer Trust have proven fruitful, causing Valve to launch an investigation into the title, alongside developer Revived Games and publisher Acid.

A trailer for "Active Shooter" opens with the player as a SWAT member entering a school to tackle a shooter, before switching to the perspective of the attacker.

In a statement, Valve accused the video game maker of being a troll who has been kicked off the Steam site before.

"Revived Games believes violence and inappropriate actions belong in video games and not real world, and insists that in no event should anyone attempt to recreate or mimic any of the actions, events or situations occurring in the game", it said.

A description of the game includes a disclaimer for players not to "take any of this seriously" and to seek professional help if they start to feel like hurting other people.

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