Senate backs effort to restore 'net neutrality'

Senate Democrats push to block net neutrality repeal using Congressional Review Act

Senate Democrats push to block net neutrality repeal using Congressional Review Act

The CRA vote will call on all senators to cast a vote on a bill that would be the first step in a Congressional effort to overturn the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) decision previous year to repeal net neutrality rules-which ensures that all internet traffic is treated equally.

On the other hand, a Democratic-led CRA is a direct, partisan attack on the administration, which has supported this FCC's actions, and would cause return to Obama-era rules, which few Republicans would relish. John Kennedy of Louisiana and Sen.

The 2015 rules were meant to ensure a free and open internet, give consumers equal access to Web content and bar broadband service providers from favoring their own material or others'.

"Today is a monumental day", said Sen. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), who is leading the CRA effort, on the Senate floor Wednesday morning.

Critics of the FCC rollback say they're anxious about consumers being forced to pay more for less consistent or slower service.

The House has introduced a similar CRA resolution. "The grandparents, the gamers, the gearheads, the geeks, the gif-makers, the generations x, y, and z". "This bill will get every member of the Senate on the record as either supporting or opposing net neutrality". FCC Chairman Ajit Pai led the charge against the net neutrality regulations, calling them an example of government overreach that discouraged Internet providers from investing in upgrades to their networks. Republicans also argue that Democrats are playing on unfounded fears that internet service providers will jack up costs and anger their consumer base.

Senate Democrats cheered the procedural vote.

However, the fight to save net neutrality will continue to the House of Representatives, and potentially, to the desk of President Donald Trump. The rules also prohibited those companies from offering websites and app developers faster, easier access to Internet users in exchange for extra fees - a tactic that critics described as digital "fast lanes" that could distort online competition in favor of large, wealthy businesses.

"I rise in support of net neutrality, but there are many of us who believe in codifying net neutrality, but what doesn't make sense is this legislation", said Sen. "People underestimate the passion of internet voters, at their peril". "This is the way things were prior to 2015, and how they will be once again". In surveys, solid majorities say they support the principle of net neutrality generally, and the FCC's rules in particular. He, among other Republicans, denounced Democrats for politicizing the issue, continuing: "Why aren't we debating a bipartisan bill instead of a partisan solution?"

"It's important Republicans have a clear and concise message to tell them why net neutrality, while it sounds good, and maybe it's even well intended, is not the right answer for them", Taylor said.

Internet providers have characterized net neutrality as an issue that has yet to become a problem.

What are the chances of the net neutrality CRA passing?

In Pennsylvania and Nebraska, which held their primary elections on Tuesday, it ranked second in political searches behind healthcare. "Net neutrality protected everyone. that era, the era of an open Internet, will unfortunately soon come to an end".

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