Star Fox racing game rumoured

Star Fox Grand Prix is cross between F Zero and Diddy Kong Racing claim rumours

Star Fox Grand Prix is cross between F Zero and Diddy Kong Racing claim rumours

It seems improbable that Nintendo Retro Studios would create such a game, yet there have been more than a dozen posts on Reddit that claim otherwise, as well as multiple gaming sites and blogs.

The previous game in the Star Fox series was Star Fox Zero, which is available for Nintendo Wii U.

Hello. Add your message here. After Star Wolf takes everything from Fox, Falco comes up with the idea to retire as pilots and engineer their Arwings into racing machines.

We've been wondering what Nintendo-owned Retro Studios was working on for quite sometime now.

When Metroid Prime 4 was announced past year at E3, the conclusion most came to was that Retro Studios was working on it. It makes sense that Nintendo would have something from Retro ready in time to show at its E3 presentation, and based on the comparison to Diddy Kong Racing, the concept sounds like a lot of fun. Something like Diddy Kong Racing mixed with F-Zero essentially. It will feature and adventure mode, boss fights and a hub world. However that project has most likely been canned due to development difficulties. The game is tipped to be more akin toF-Zero than a traditional Star Fox title, hence the "Grand Prix" portion of the game's name. An F-Zero game from Retro is something I can get behind.

Furthermore, they also claimed to have heard about Retro Studios working on at least two different projects.

A new rumor suggests that a new Star Fox game is in the works, but not in the way fans of the franchise would expect. And if that's the case, Nintendo is nearly certain to pulled the curtain back on the project at E3 next month.

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