Trump weighs in on cancellation of 'Roseanne'

Roseanne Barr and Jimmy Kimmel

Roseanne Barr and Jimmy Kimmel

Disney's ABC canceled the comedian's eponymous sitcom Tuesday after she posted a tweet comparing a onetime adviser for former President Barack Obama to an ape, later apologizing in multiple tweets that included a reference to her apparent use of the prescription sleep aid.

Actress Emma Kenney, who portrayed Harris Conner-Healy, criticized Barr for her tweets, describing them as "racist and distasteful" as well as "inexcusable". I am disappointed in her actions to say the least, ' wrote Gilbert, who was a producer on the reboot and largely responsible for reuniting the cast. "I went 2 far & do not want it defended-it was egregious Indefensible".

Trump wrote that Iger never called him to apologize for "the frightful statements" that have been said about him on ABC.

In the approximately 24 hours since Barr apologized for her Jarrett tweet and said she was "now leaving Twitter", she has tweeted, replied, or retweeted more than 100 times. Many of her tweets have since been deleted, but had already been posted on sites like Deadline and Mediate before she pulled them off social media. "I BLAME MYSELF OK? it's just an explanation not an excuse, Ok, bully?"

But cancelling "Roseanne" is "like taking off "All in the Family" or "I Love Lucy" or Andy Griffith at their zenith", he said.

Barr also continued to tweet about George Soros, a liberal donor who has been painted as the villain in many right-wing conspiracy theories. "It's all ok", she wrote. At 5am eastern time- she responded to Michael Fishman's statement- he played D.J. on the show- saying, "I created the platform for that inclusivity and you know it. ME".

Though Barr swore off Twitter after deleting her tweet about Jarrett, the 65-year-old has since used the website to apologize. "Buckle up, buttercup." Goldberg called the image "horrific" and slammed Barr for helping to perpetuate a false narrative about her.

Mr. Trump has praised Barr and "Roseanne" in the past. One of the posts she shared said, inexplicably, "they brought the show back so they could inevitably cancel the show when she said something they didn't like". The closest analogy is CBS pulling the plug on the Smothers Brothers variety show due to their anti-war views in the late 1960s and the same network not renewing "Lou Grant" at its peak, which star Ed Asner always contended was due to his outspoken political beliefs.

There was also CBS' firing of Charlie Sheen from "Two and a Half Men" during his freaky spate of behaviour.

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