Vitor Belfort Gives Emotional Retirement Speech at UFC 224

UFC 224 Results: Lyoto Machida Lands Front Kick KO and Sends Off Vitor Belfort

UFC 224 Results: Lyoto Machida Lands Front Kick KO and Sends Off Vitor Belfort

Machida landing some more kicks.

The knockout came from out of nowhere too, following a snoozefest first round, Machida's eye-watering kick to the jaw had the stadium in awe.

Sure, both men are well and truly past their respective primes at this stage but with the meeting of such iconic figures comes an expectation that the resulting bout will deliver something that lives up to the heights these guys have reached. Belfort was the one moving backward at the end of the round, and even though Machida finished the round with kicks, the crowd booed the early performance.

The UFC also released a short tribute to Belfort on their Twitter account, highlighting the longevity of his wonderful career from stepping into the Octagon at UFC 12, right through to 224.

He went on to claim the UFC light-heavyweight title in the second of his three fights opposite Couture, but would relinquish the title to the American seven months later.

"Let's wait for the next opponent the UFC is going to give me".

"Michael Bisping, I'm still waiting for you". It's another fight that could have happened and did not.

"I want to thank my team". While there's a chance he can continue his legendary career by signing with another promotion, he emotionally left his gloves in the middle of the Octagon - signalling that he is finally calling it a day. He confirmed this in his Octagon interview. And I think I've come to the end.

"First of all, congratulations to Machida's team, they fought pretty well", he said.

"I miss my family, and I think everything in life has something: it has beginning, middle and end".

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