Battlefield V is Getting Battle Royale Mode After All

EA Shows off Battlefield V: Will Bring Battle Royale To WW II

EA Shows off Battlefield V: Will Bring Battle Royale To WW II

Battlefield V is adding a multiplayer Battle Royale that will be "reimagined for Battlefield", developers announced Saturday during EA Games' press conference at E3.

EA didn't reveal many details about Battlefield V's battle royale mode but it will ostensibly fall in line with the popular model set forth by PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite: Battle Royale in which a whole bunch of players enter a map and fight until there's only one player or squad left standing.

What do you make of Battlefield V's new trailer?

The world of competitive online shooting games officially has battle royale fever.

On the stage, the team did show off a brief preview of how the game has taken destructible environments to the next level, and showed players that they'll be able to move artillery and other previously stationary defense weapons using vehicles. But seriously, six minutes for a battle royale announcement. "We're all game developers but also gamers".

The news comes after Activision revealed last month that Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will also have a Battle Royale mode. Oversaturation of the market isn't good for anyone, and it looks like that's where we might be headed, going forward.

EA is promising that every battle in Battlefield V will be unique, in part because of the new choices available to players.

Battlefield V is due out October 19 for PC and consoles, and EA has already promised to drop the Premium Pass and map packs for this entry in the long-running series.

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