BMW joins Airbus in Brexit warning

Farage Slams ‘Political Project’ Airbus for Pushing Project Fear			Martin Rose  Getty		22 Jun 2018

Farage Slams ‘Political Project’ Airbus for Pushing Project Fear Martin Rose Getty 22 Jun 2018

Leading Brexit supporters are talking tough, and opponents are taking to the streets, on the second anniversary of Britain's vote to leave the European Union.

He added he thought a second referendum was "almost inevitable" as "demographically, younger people are in favour, they want jobs, they don't want to sing Elgar".

Nearly two-thirds of Britons believe they should have a final say on the Brexit deal, according to a poll published this week, although it is still unclear what would happen the government's deal were rejected.

"We are no longer talking about stopping Brexit, we are actually talking about a forward-looking solution for the future of this country, which is a people's vote on the Brexit deal".

Ireland will be key to this post-Brexit, with officials conceding more checks will have to take place on food products entering Ireland from the United Kingdom after it leaves the EU.

They urged the government to speed up plans to switch to World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, a decision that many businesses including Airbus say would be disastrous.

Taking aim at Airbus direct, the International Trade Secretary said the aerospace firm should be "making the case" against any no deal Brexit to European countries, not just in the UK.

"I have lived and worked across Europe - it's home", he said.

There was a counter-demonstration by supporters of Brexit, but numbering only in the hundreds to a thousand, dwarfed by the pro-referendum march.

On the future trade relationship between Britain and the EU, Airbus said the current transition period, which runs until December 2020, "is too short for the EU and UK Governments to agree the outstanding issues, and too short for Airbus to implement the required changes with its extensive supply chain".

Hunt said the best way for businesses to achieve the "clarity and certainty" they needed was to back the prime minister in her negotiations with Brussels.

Some demonstrators Saturday explained they were not necessarily against Brexit but wanted citizens to have another vote on any final deal that Prime Minister Theresa May negotiates in coming months.

The survey finds that European businesses support a post-Brexit deal that keeps trade relations as close as possible to the existing conditions, and three quarters say the EU should also make concessions to the secure a functioning trading relationship.

However, aviation giant Airbus warned yesterday that it could pull out of Britain if it leaves the European Union without a deal, while carmaker BMW warned that uncertainty is affecting the investment climate.

"The vast, vast majority of people, whether they are Leavers or Remainers, just want us to get on and come out this terrible European Union super-state", Conservative minister Pete Bone said.

"Whilst the Conservatives may wish to ignore reality and pat each other on the back after two years of achieving precisely nothing in the Brexit negotiations, they can not expect businesses to act in the same way".

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