China suggests sanctions relief for N. Korea after U.S. summit

MAGA Tears: Brace Yourself For The Epic Buffoonery Of Dennis Rodman At Trump-Kim Jong Un Summit

MAGA Tears: Brace Yourself For The Epic Buffoonery Of Dennis Rodman At Trump-Kim Jong Un Summit

After the talks, the U.S. president said that the process of denuclearisation on the Korean peninsula will begin "very soon" and the North Korean leader promised to leave the past behind.

"There's a lot more depth there than I think meets the eye".

"The crux of the peninsula nuclear issue is a security issue".

"It sounds there like he's parroting North Korean talking points", said host Nicolle Wallace, referencing the fact that Trump described the war games as "provocative" - exactly how North Korea had recently described them recently. While he wasn't an official part of the US delegation or involved the meeting, Rodman, who has formed an unlikely relationship with the murderous North Korean dictator, was in Singapore to show his support for the meeting.

"I got death threats, I got so many death threats while I was sitting there protecting everything and I believed in North Korea", a teary Mr Rodman told CNN from Singapore on Tuesday, wearing sunglasses and a "Make America Great Again" hat. "This is a great day for everybody".

The South Korean president's office said there were no immediate plans for three-way talks between the Koreas and the USA to sign a peace treaty to formally end the Korean War.

"I share president Trump's assessment of that when he thanked the leaders of Japan and South Korea and China for the solidarity they've shown".

South Korean President Moon Jae-in meanwhile hailed the outcome of the Singapore Summit, saying the "historic event" had ended the last Cold War conflict.

The US President also said that sanctions will remain in place until Pyangyong halts and dismantles its nuclear programme. Geng said Tuesday that China has been following the United Nations sanctions resolutions "comprehensively, accurately and strictly". Because of North Korea's variable seasons, which include cold and dry winters, Davis said the group hopes the recovery effort will yield full skeletal remains with identification cards still attached to uniforms. "Sanctions are not endless".

Ahn said for people who are not Korean, it's just an issue for the moment.

Mr Rodman is one of the few Westerners to have met the North Korean leader on visits to the capital city of Pyongyang.

"I think from their advice it's going to be a long haul", he said.

Analysts generally agree that a series of stringent economic and financial sanctions against North Korea, led by the U.S. with China's support, have played a big role in Kim's sudden embrace of diplomacy in the past six months after his repeated nuclear provocations.

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