Days After Buying Time Warner, AT&T Launches New TV Service

AT&T Watch TV Channel Lineup FINAL

AT&T Watch TV Channel Lineup FINAL

The No. 2 U.S. wireless carrier is putting to use Time Warner's stable of content, including TV channels like TBS and CNN, to drive sales of the wireless plans at a time when carriers have struggled to find growth.

It's AT&T's first big product rollout since closing the Time Warner deal last week.

AT&T is contemplating other ways to package entertainment, with AT&Ts' John Donovan telling an investor conference the company would introduce more robust versions of DirecTV to be delivered via the internet rather than satellite.

The company has announced that its two new plans, Unlimited &More and Unlimited &More Premium, will give users access to its new WatchTV service, reports Engadget.

The two new plans will help AT&T promote its vision of creating a combined telecommunications and entertainment provider through the $108 billion acquisition of Time Warner.

AT&T says it will have more information about the standalone $15-a-month WatchTV service soon.

Update: Switching to the new plan and keeping HBO does count as your add-on, as confirmed by AT&T. Customers will also be able to add one premium channel to their lineup for free, including HBO, Showtime, Amazon Music Unlimited, Pandora Premium, and other options.

The new wireless plans will be out later this week, and more details of Watch TV will follow shortly. The Unlimited & More Premium plan will also offer customers a second streaming service of their choice, such as HBO. Verizon vz last week added a third tier to its unlimited plan line up. That's the same price as the Unlimited Plus Enhanced plan it replaces.

Channels that AT&T (T) doesn't own, like BBC World News and Food Network, are on the service, too.

People who don't subscribe to one of AT&T's new wireless plans must pay $15 per month for WatchTV.

As for Watch, it is devoid of local broadcast channels, as well as ESPN, pro league channels like NFL Network and regional sports networks. Existing unlimited customers will have to switch to the new plans to get WatchTV; otherwise they can continue with their current Unlimited Choice and Plus plans.

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