Emotional Dennis Rodman says Kim trying to change North Korea

Dennis Rodman heading to Singapore for Trump Kim summit

Dennis Rodman heading to Singapore for Trump Kim summit

Rodman was crying from behind his dark sunglasses while wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat and explaining to CNN's Chris Cuomo the trials he's faced to try to create peace between the US and North Korea, including receiving death threats.

Reflecting on criticism to his past visits to North Korea, Rodman broke down in tears, saying he received death threats over his meetings with Kim. I got so many death threats while I was protecting everything. I couldn't even go home. And when I went home I couldn't even go home.

And he accused former US President Barack Obama of "not giving me the time of day". I kept my head up high, brother. I knew things were gonna change. I had no one to hear me, no one to see me, but I knew it. "And I've said to people all along, those people have never showed any animosity, any aggression, any antagonizing ways that have proved me wrong", he added.

Despite the overall approval of direct talks between the two countries, the public was skeptical about whether North Korea's leadership is serious about addressing concerns about its nuclear program Around half of US adults (49%) said North Korean leaders are not serious about addressing these concerns, while 38% thought North Korea's leaders are serious. He wants to come to America. (CNN) Rodman said dictator Kim Jong-Un was a "big kid" who wanted to see the world. "But that didn't deter me".

"Today's a great day for everybody, Singapore, Tokyo, China, everything". Rodman, however, said that Trump thanked him and said he was "proud of him".

Rodman talked about "falling in love" with the people and culture of North Korea, and described Kim as "a good friend".

Rodman, who expects Tuesday's summit to be a success, said the outcome would be dependent on the ability of the two leaders to strike up a personal relationship.

In 2014, Mr Trump tweeted dismissively about the possibility that he and Rodman would someday travel to North Korea together.

Rodman did not play any official role in the diplomatic negotiations in which Trump said Kim agreed to work towards denuclearization and announced a halt to U.S.

Rodman said Kim, who was educated in Switzerland, "understands bits and pieces", of English. "We just need the doors to be opened so we can start fresh", he said, describing the event as a "great day" and exclaiming: "I'm so happy!"

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