Not OK Google: Massive outage turns smart home kit utterly dumb

Google Home and Chromecast Down Due to Technical Issue Affecting Users Globally

Google Home and Chromecast Down Due to Technical Issue Affecting Users Globally

It means that Google Home was down since 6:05 am EDT today, and some users are reporting that their devices started working again late this afternoon.

The latest tidbit in the tech world is an outage in Chromecast and Google Home that has caused quite a bit of outrage among users all over the globe.

If rebooting does not fix your issues, Google suggests that you contact them.

Update: Google has a fix ready, and has promised to automatically deploy it within six hours (as of roughly 6PM Eastern). And, if they attempt to reset the speaker, the Homes sometimes can not reboot at all.

"Your Google Home isn't set up yet". While the Google G Suite - including services like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive - gets a status dashboard to let users know if there's a problem that the company is working on, there's no equivalent for its more entertainment- and lifestyle-focused products.

But what's odd is that this bug isn't affecting everyone or every Google Home / Chromecast. In the meantime everyone is just going to have to shelve their voice-controlled Google assistants - and find out the time by looking at their watch, or check their calendar on their phone or laptop, or turn up the thermostat using the ancient but reliable technology known as fingers.

Saying "Ok Google" to a Google Home speaker, for instance, gets the response that "there was a glitch, try again in a few seconds".

Update, 2:27 p.m. PT: Google now says some users are back online, and that it's working on a broader fix. "We are really sorry for the inconvenience and are taking steps to prevent this issue from happening in the future".

Not all of our Google Home devices were having these issues - one in Marietta, Georgia, was working fine - but many were.

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