Only Seven Percent of Companies Are on Track for GDPR Compliance

Facebook keyboard

Facebook keyboard

Schrems said Facebook has even blocked accounts of users who have not given consent. My consent to the terms of service was not freely given: I was told I'd have to delete my account if I disagreed with anything in the document.

According to the privacy activist, Facebook is breaching a GDPR rule created to block firms from scooping up sensitive information like political opinions, religious beliefs and sexuality without the users' consent.

With regard to privacy, Google, and Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Instagram are forcing people to adopt a "take it or leave it" approach which essentially amounts to demanding that users submit to intrusive terms of service, according to the the Austrian privacy-advocacy group, CNET reported on Friday.

Without going into much detail, this new regulation requires companies in Europe to be more transparent about the data they collect on users. The Privacy Policy, or GDPR, gave back to users the control of their personal data. "To ensure the security of data that can identify an individual, we will work with end users and partners to ensure their adherence to the GDPR", says Jaco Benzien, data protection officer at Redstor.

The Irish data protection commissioner is also likely to get involved, the organisation believes, because Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are all headquartered in Dublin. This was followed by evaluating, developing, and integrating solutions that enable GDPR compliance.

The Blockchain stores personal data so it may fall under the scope of the GDPR as well, but it also sparks lots of controversies such as the question whether or not transaction privacy can be found on all public blockchains and not just the ones that offer anonymity by default.

They both aim at decentralized data control, and they're tempering the power inequality between centralized service providers.

For some USA companies, the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation is a source of fear. Google and Facebook were each hit with multibillion dollar lawsuits on the first day GDPR went into effect, and a number of popular websites simply removed services for European Union customers to avoid regulatory scrutiny.

The data opt-in remains more uncertain.

This local Manchester insurance firm has set the precedent for GDPR preparedness and is now offering advice to local businesses and professional indemnity insurance quotes in order to prevent any strict sanctions from being enforced on them.

The complaints about "forced consent" are the first action of NOYB, which is already planning further complaints about the illegal use of user data for advertising purposes or "fictitious consent", such as when companies recognise "consent" to other types of data processing by exclusively using their webpage. It will only happen when the European countries agree to the proposal of Noyb and agree to imply a fine on the companies. The internet is a big place and your data is scattered across it. Rolling out on 25 May 2018, it is emphasizing on data safety and privacy of the users more than ever. We request the consent at every user touch point. We have broad engagement with privacy across organizations and massive investments in privacy-related updates to IT systems.

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