West Nile virus found in Elkhart County

Two West Nile virus cases confirmed in Greece | Kathimerini

Two West Nile virus cases confirmed in Greece | Kathimerini

The Health Department said the traps were set on June 21 and 22 of 2018 and today they found out about the results from the Ohio Department of Health Laboratory. Bugs collected in Cove Point and Lamb Avenue area tested positive for Eastern Equine Encephalitis.

West Nile virus is spread through the bite of an infected mosquito.

When infected with WNV, about 4 out of 5 people will not have symptoms and will develop immunity after clearing the infection. The hours from dusk to dawn are peak biting times for many mosquitoes.

Frankovich said every year surveillance testing is done on birds to identify when the virus arrives to the region.

"As we approach WNV season, we encourage everyone to take the proper precautions to prevent mosquito bites when outdoors", stated DPHHS epidemiologist Erika Baldry.

■ Apply bug repellent when outside, but be mindful of using certain chemical ingredients like DEET on small children.

■ Drain standing water around your home. Up to 20 percent of the people who show mild symptoms will have flu-like symptoms and may sometimes experience swollen lymph glands or a skin rash on the chest, stomach and back. Owners should also speak with their veterinarian about mosquito repellents approved for use in animals and vaccinations to prevent WNV and EEE.

Information on the risk of West Nile virus will continue to be provided to the public throughout the summer.

■ Install or fix screens in your home so they are fit tightly. For example, a yellow highlight over an area indicates reports of the West Nile virus.

"No vaccine or specific antiviral treatments for West Nile virus infection are available", the CDC website states.

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