Whale dies after swallowing 80 plastic bags in southern Thailand

The whale swallowed more than 80 plastic bags

The whale swallowed more than 80 plastic bags

A veterinary team tried "to help stabilise its illness but finally, the whale died" Saturday afternoon, the post said.

During an autopsy veterinarians removed more than 80 plastic bags from the whale's stomach, said Jatuporn Burutpat, Director-General to Thailand's Department of Marine and Coastal Resources.

An autopsy revealed 80 plastic bags weighing up to 8kg (18lb) in the creature's stomach, the department added.

"If you have 80 plastic bags in your stomach, you die", he said.

This handout picture from ThaiWhales, a private whale conservation group, taken on May 28, 2018 and released on June 2, 2018 shows volunteers and governmment marine veterinarians rescuing a sick male pilot whale in Songkhla.

Despite their efforts, the whale vomited five plastic bags during the rescue attempt and then died on Friday.

Thailand is one of the world's biggest users of plastic bags, according to The Guardian.

Thon Thamrongnawasawat, a marine biologist and lecturer at Kasetsart University in Bangkok, told Agence France-Presse that the plastic probably prevented the whale from digesting food.

His post went on to encourage Thais to replace plastic bag usage with reusable bags, writing, "In the meantime, I can only ask, my friend, 'please, don't forget the fabric bag from home'".

Thai officials said they believe the whale mistook the floating plastic for food.

A tragedy in Thailand is serving as a reminder of the waste littering the world's oceans.

Countries including the United Kingdom and India are banning straws and single-use bags, and forcing supermarkets to impose levies on plastic bags.

Greenpeace's Tara urged the government to quickly enact regulations.

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