Australia and NZ recall frozen vegetables over listeria fears

Deadly bacteria fears: Supermarkets recall frozen vegetables

Deadly bacteria fears: Supermarkets recall frozen vegetables

Following hard on the heels of the worst food scandal to hit SA in living memory, retail group Woolworths has recalled its Frozen Savoury Rice Mix as part of a worldwide product recall issued by the Hungarian Food Safety Agency.

A number of frozen vegetable brands sold at Aldi, Woolworths and IGA stores were recalled from supermarkets across Australia over fears of potential contamination by the listeria bacteria.

While cooking destroys the listeria bacteria, Woolworths's caution is unsurprising after a devastating outbreak of listeriosis in SA in 2017 claimed 191 lives.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) released the list of the products which included snap frozen vegetable mixes, corn kernels, quick-steam carrot, broccoli and cauliflower mixes and pea, carrot and sweet corn mixed. "Thorough cooking would ensure that the product is safe".

Woolworths South Africa has recalled its Savory Rice Mix product after one of its suppliers was identified as the likely source of a Listeria outbreak in Europe.

Customers who have purchased Woolworths Savoury Rice Mix are encouraged to return the product to their local store for a full refund.

"Food safety is of critical importance to Woolworths and we take all issues regarding the production of our food extremely seriously", the retail company said in a statement.

The listeria bacteria can live in your system for 1-6 weeks and patients might only see the first symptoms after 3 weeks of being infected.

Listeria is found widely in the environment, but is particularly unsafe for pregnant women and their unborn babies, and can cause death in people with compromised immune systems.

When caught early, listeria can be cured within seven days. This involves either being treated with fluids through an IV drip or a course of antibiotics.

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