Countdown recalls frozen veggie mix amid Australian listeria scare

Different packs of frozen vegetables

Different packs of frozen vegetables

The same Hungarian processor is also at the centre of a massive recall of frozen sweet corn, mixed vegetables, carrots and broccoli from stores across England, according to the UK Food Standards Agency. The fruit and vegetable giant tells FoodIngredientsFirst that production has stopped at its Hungarian vegetable plant while an in-depth investigation takes place into the potential listeria contamination.

The health department has been unable to determine if the patient had consumed any of the recalled frozen vegetable products.

The frozen vegetable packets being recalled.

"It's the Hungarian production site that has been implicated in the listeria outbreak in the European Union", says Carstensen.

Listeriosis, caused by Listeria, is a flu-like disease which weakens the immune systems and causes fever muscles aches and diarrhoea.

Consumers who have eaten the product and feel unwell are encouraged to see a health professional.

The product contains frozen sweetcorn sourced from the Greenyard Factory in Hungary.

In Australia, Aldi's own-brand line of frozen vegetables, Market Fare, was among those affected, as was Essentials and Bell Farms products, which are sold at Woolworths. Contaminated sweetcorn has so far been linked to 47 cases of illness across Europe, with nine deaths reported.

The same strains of the bacteria had been detected in frozen vegetables produced by the same Hungarian company in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

"The mix is uncooked and frozen so requires cooking before consumption".

While listeriosis can be a nasty bacteria that leads to illness, it is also a preventable evil.

"The products affected contain a particularly risky strain of listeria and are being recalled as a precautionary measure to ensure consumers are protected, but particularly vulnerable populations", May said.

The food chain reportedly said its food products are independently tested at random.

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