EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Resigns, Trump Tweets

Scandal-Hit US Environment Chief Could Be Sacked

Scandal-Hit US Environment Chief Could Be Sacked

"It is extremely hard for me to cease serving you in this role first because I count it a blessing to be serving you in any capacity", Pruitt wrote in his resignation letter to President Trump, "but also, because of the transformative work that is occurring". Trump nominated Wheeler for deputy administrator the previous October. One story accused him of renting a Washington, DC townhouse for $50 a night from an energy industry lobbyist.

"They're stonewalling it every step of the way", one official told Politico, claiming that Pruitt's aides are kowtowing to industries that don't want stricter regulations of the chemical. Murray also suggested slashing the number of EPA staff in half.

But Mr Pruitt has been embroiled in allegations of ethics violations for months, including issues with his travel and security expenses and a condo arrangement. "He understands the Trump administration, and will carry out the agenda", Dempsey continued.

Kieran Suckling, from America's Centre for Biological Diversity, said: "Despite his brief tenure, Pruitt was the worst EPA chief in history". It is extremely hard for me to cease serving you in this role first because I count it a blessing to be serving you in any capacity, but also, because of the transformative work that is occurring.

Pruitt, who has done much to deregulate numerous Obama-era environmental rules, is also accused of using his sway to secure a six-figure job for his wife. As of last October, 67 environmental rules appeared to be under threat.

As of June, Pruitt was the subject of at least 14 federal investigations, according to The Guardian.

During his confirmation hearing to be the EPA's deputy administrator, Wheeler was overshadowed by another Trump nominee, Kathleen Hartnett White - Wheeler's nomination was therefore under less scrutiny.

In the post, Wheeler, a former energy lobbyist, wrote a six-part condemnation of Trump. He also urged the Department of Interior to reduce the size of Bears Ears National Monument to make more land available for uranium mining. "As we have proven again and again, when the EPA threatens New Yorkers' health and environment, we will take the agency to court - and we will win". It's still unclear. What we do know: His replacement, Andrew Wheeler, holds views similar to Pruitt's.

Inhofe, who dismisses global warming as a hoax and famously tossed a snowball on the Senate floor to prove his point, hailed Wheeler's ascension to EPA chief.

Under Pruitt, the EPA "rolled back punishing regulations that were hurting American workers and stifling our economy", Barrasso said. While Pruitt appeared to be strapped, Wheeler's last job paid a base salary of $741,000, which was augmented by payments from his individual clients.

According to the New York Times, one group of former Inhofe aides who now work in energy and environment policy positions across the Trump administration and in top DC lobbying firms are loosely referred to as the "Inhofe mafia".

In several ways, Wheeler is a more daunting adversary. The reason Pruitt persisted so long is the same reason why his environmentalist foes shouldn't break out the organic Champagne: The administrator was doing exactly what his boss wanted. An Ohio native, Wheeler served as a special assistant in the EPA's Pollution Prevention and Toxics office in the early 1990s before moving over to the Senate environment panel, where he eventually became GOP staff director under Sen.

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