May warns of PM Corbyn amid resignations

Brexit news- Theresa May and David Davis

Brexit news- Theresa May and David Davis

"This is a time when the world is looking at us as a country, wondering what type of country we are going to be in a post-Brexit world".

Their resignations came after May chaired the first meeting of her new cabinet following the departure of Boris Johnson and David Davis.

On Thursday, Trump will travel to Blenheim Palace, the 18th-century stately home where Britain's World War Two leader Winston Churchill was born and spent most of his childhood. Against such a disorganised attack the EU's defence will certainly feel increasingly confident'.

Tánaiste Simon Coveney has said that this has been a good week for Brexit despite the resignations that followed the publication of Theresa May's Chequers proposals.

Virendra Sharma, a supporter of the Best for Britain campaign for another referendum, said that a "gang of Brexit bullies are threatening to pull the plug on the Prime Minister".

Ms. May has faced a backlash over the plan from Brexit hardliners in her Conservative Party, who say it gives too many concessions to the European Union, but she has support from moderates and there has been no formal challenge to her leadership.

Under Conservative Party rules, a confidence vote in a leader can be triggered if 15 percent of Conservative lawmakers - now 48 - write a letter requesting one.

Mr Johnson, who was the face of Brexit for many in Britain, said Mrs May was heading for a semi-Brexit.

Despite a series of diplomatic spats between Britain and Trump, the British government is hoping for a quick trade deal with the United States after it leaves the European Union.

Mr Thomson said the Chequers plan would be the equivalent of being "in the customs union in all but name, in the single market in all but name, and essentially still under the jurisdiction" of the European Court of Justice.

Trump suggested that his upcoming meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin could be easier than his trip to Europe to see North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders and Mrs May. She also won the backing of several other pro-Brexit cabinet ministers on Tuesday and fended off a Tory MP rebellion by warning them that sacking her could prompt an election which the Tories might lose.

"It needs to be about the actual countries, with elected governments that need to get prosperity and jobs and trade if those politicians want to get re-elected", he said.

All we have asked from the Prime Minister, is that she sticks to what she has promised on repeated occasions, when she declared that "Brexit means Brexit" and pledged to take back control of our money, borders and laws.

He says the Brexit "dream is dying, suffocated by needless self-doubt", and that Britain is "headed to the status of a colony", having to swallow European Union writ without "any ability to influence these laws as they are made".

The prime minister's official spokesman said she would fight any attempt to oust her as prime minister if the required 48 Tory MPs called for a contest. Memories of last year's disastrous campaign are fresh in the mind and if that isn't enough of a put-off, then the looming presence of Jeremy Corbyn, truly anathema to those in the Conservative Party, is enough to keep them glued together for as long as is possible.

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