Netflix Smart Downloads makes it easier to manage you downloaded TV shows

Netflix makes it easier to manage downloaded shows on Android

Netflix makes it easier to manage downloaded shows on Android

Netflix says launching smart downloads is part of its efforts to make the mobile experience more intuitive, and it designed the feature with your data cap in mind. Of course, Netflix requires a paid subscription in order to watch or download movies or TV shows, something which we're sure you know about already. By automatically downloading the next episode and deleting the previous one, the feature ensures that the user's storage isn't affected, while automating the process of downloading TV show episodes. The show, starring Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte, has all of its eight episodes now available to watch on the Netflix platform all over the world.

It's worth noting here that smart downloads will only work on a Wi-Fi connection, and if you don't want Netflix tampering with your downloads, you'll need to toggle the feature off in the My Downloads section - yes, it's turned on by default.

With Smart Downloads, the Netflix app will detect when a user has watched an episode, then remove it from the device and automatically add the next episode. It will hit Android smartphones and tablets first, and iOS devices later. Called "smart downloads", the tool is meant to help users manage the Netflix content on their devices.

Netflix wants to start keeping your downloads fresh for you.

Smart downloads are one-for-one.

The ability to download movies and TV shows straight from Netflix mobile app is a very handy feature. There are more details on how to use the Smart Downloads feature and you can read all about it here. "We're taking the point of view to not be presumptuous and let people choose for themselves".

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