Ontario Woman Drives Stolen Vehicle for 2 Weeks Thinking It's a Rental

An Ontario Woman Stole A Car By Mistake And Didn’t Realize For 2 Weeks

An Ontario Woman Stole A Car By Mistake And Didn’t Realize For 2 Weeks

Police are advising drivers who have cars that use fobs to not leave them in the vehicle as this makes them much easier to steal, even if it is accidentally.

Returning to the parking lot, she instead got into a black Infiniti QX50 crossover-SUV parked nearby, which she mistook for her rental and which was, unfortunately, open with the keys in the ignition.

By coincidence, the owner of Infinity has left its mark in the auto. She climbed in the unlocked vehicle, pushed the start button and drove home.

After 2 weeks, she came back to Enterprise return the vehicle, and she made sure she complained to the manager about giving her a dirty, obviously used auto. The woman then pushed the start button and drove home, said Cornwall police which later received a report about a black Nissan Infinity being stolen from the same parking lot. Unfortunately, instead of her vehicle, she had gotten into another black auto.

Not realizing it was a Nissan Infiniti instead of the Sentra, she drove off in the wrong vehicle. Each vehicle was returned to its rightful owner.

"The woman spoke to the manager and commented about how unkept [sic] the inside of the vehicle was and the fact that there was a set of golf clubs in it as well", the post read.

All was revealed when she finally returned the black Infiniti auto she had been driving, to a rental vehicle company, whereupon she was told it was the wrong vehicle and not the Nissan Sentra she had originally rented.

A Cornwall woman will not face any charges after accidentally stealing a vehicle for two weeks. I was embarrassed", while another added: "So both of them left their vehicle unlocked and keys in it? The pair of them retraced her path back to the Walmart where the Nissan was still sitting in the exact same spot she had parked it.

Following the comical situation, police warned drivers to not to leave key fobs in their cars, because you never know who might take it.

"The manager was quite puzzled, as she's turning in keys to an Infiniti, when she rented a Nissan in the first place", MacRae said.

Fortunately, nothing bad came out of the ordeal - and all parties involved have a wacky story they can tell to their friends and family members.

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