'Psychic World cup octopus' is chopped, eaten in Japan

Reports on social media say this is what Rabiot looks like now. Credit YouTube/北海道ニュースUHB

Reports on social media say this is what Rabiot looks like now. Credit YouTube/北海道ニュースUHB

Few would have predicted Japan's journey to the 2018 Russia World Cup round of 16 but it appears they have their own psychic animal to thank.

But the predictions came to an end after the fisherman who bought Rabiot made a decision to sell him for food just before the knockout stage.

To predict the games, Abe placed the mollusk in a plastic pool, which contained three boxes representing Japan, the opposing team and a draw.

Rabio the octopus became a bit of an internet sensation when it successfully correctly predicted all of the results of Japan's national football team at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russian Federation.

The octopus guessed right every time, predicting that his side would beat Colombia in their opener and draw with Senegal in their second Group H fixture.

Pictures of what appeared to be the dismembered octopus were shared on social media, although it could not be confirmed that this was definitely Rabiot.

The mollusc, named Rabio, had become the latest animal to be heralded with football fortune-telling powers after it was caught by fisherman in the town of Obira, in Hokkaido, on the day of the Samurai Blues' opening match against Colombia.

Kimio Abe, the fisherman who caught him, broke the tragic news but says that he has reeled in a new eight-legged successor to Rabiot - named Rabiot Jr. Paul, however, was fortunate enough to live out the remainder of his days in the comfort of the Oberhausen Sea Life Center. "I'm glad all the forecasts turned out correct and Japan moved on to the knockout stage", Abe said.

Unlike Rabiot, however, Paul was allowed to live out his two-and-a-half years and died of "old age".

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