Thai navy divers widen cave passage in search for missing boys

Cnn  Facebook The 12 Wild Boars boys and their coach became trapped after entering the Tham Luang cave system

Cnn Facebook The 12 Wild Boars boys and their coach became trapped after entering the Tham Luang cave system

The twelve boys and soccer team coach trapped inside Thailand's Tham Luang caves for 10 days were found alive by an global team of divers Monday.

"Our family is hoping that the children trapped inside will have formed a group and are safe and waiting for officials to go in and save them in time", Noppadol Kantawong, the father of one of the missing boys, told Thai PBS before the discovery.

Global experts from the United States, Australia, China and Britain have assisted in the search-and-rescue efforts. "We need a miracle".

Miraculously, all 13 are safe, the regional governorconfirmed to the BBC.

Thai news has since been dominated by reports of the search, which has involved more than 1,000 personnel including rescue teams from Britain, the United States and elsewhere.

Relatives of the missing boys show photos of them after they were found alive.

"If that's what the divers have faced and they have been trying to reach them for 10 days, it's going to be very, very hard to get those boys out, particularly of course because they are so weak". "But our mission is not completed... so far we've just found them, now we have to bring them out and get them home".

"What day is it?" one the players asks.

It was the first words from the outside world the trapped group had heard since their ordeal began. The governor confirmed the news after a massive search in the Tham Luang caves in Chiang Rai. Heavy rains sent a significant amount a water into the Tham Luang Nang Non cave, trapping them.

For ten days they have been struggling to survive, as rescue personnel from the Thai military, local officials, the USA military and foreign caving and topological experts all worked tirelessly to locate and reach the trapped soccer team (ages 11-16 and their coach, age 25). Though this is not the first natural chimney found on Pha Mee, it remains the most promising, according to search and rescue teams on site.

"The SEALs reported that. they reached Pattaya Beach, which was flooded".

Oxygen tanks have been installed at 25-meter junctures for divers to use, and a water pumping machine has also being deployed, added Osatanakorn. While some attempt to pump water out of the caves, divert nearby ground water or find an alternate opening that can give them access to the team.

All of the choices are seriously complicated by the physical condition of the team and their immediate medical needs after days underground with little food.

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