United States service member killed, two others wounded in Afghanistan 'insider' attack

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A service member has died in southern Afghanistan in what appears to be a green-on-blue attack, military officials announced Saturday.

One US soldier was killed and at least two others sustained injuries in an apparent insider attack in South of Afghanistan. But a statement by the Taliban reported by Reuters on Saturday said an Afghan soldier had fired on American troops in southern Afghanistan's Uruzgan province.

The statement further added that the wounded service members, who are in stable condition, are now being treated.

The names of the service members will not be released until their next of kin were notified.

The last insider attack occurred in August 2017.

Around 14,000 US troops are now stationed in Afghanistan as part of the NATO-led mission, while also carrying out counterterrorism operations targeting Islamic State (IS) militants and Al-Qaeda.

Insider attacks on Afghan forces - and deaths resulting from those attacks - have increased by more than 50 percent compared to the same time frame a year ago. "And I will tell you honestly, we have had our Afghan partners come to us with intelligence that preempted potential attacks, and they have been proactively taking care of their own problems". The last insider attack that resulted in a United States casualty occurred two months earlier, in June of previous year.

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