Drug tunnel to Mexico found under Arizona KFC

Huge Cross-Border Drug Tunnel From Mexico Found In Former KFC Outlet

Huge Cross-Border Drug Tunnel From Mexico Found In Former KFC Outlet

Authorities said the tunnel was 22 feet deep, 590 feet long, and believe smuggled drugs were being pulled up with a rope, according to KYMA.

Ivan Lopez, who owns the old KFC, was pulled up by patrol officers, with sniffer dogs paying special attention to the toolboxes in the back of the ute.

Mr. Brown noted that the three kilograms of fentanyl seized during last Monday's traffic stop amounted to "over three million dosage units" of the deadly synthetic opioid.

He is now being held in federal detention without bail because he is considered a flight risk. Agent Brown said authorities found 118 kilos of methamphetamine, six grams of cocaine, three kilos of fentanyl, 13 kilos of white heroin, and six kilos of brown heroin inside the boxes.

Police then searched the vacant restaurant two days later and discovered the entrance to a tunnel inside, court documents said.

Lots of odd things have been found in fast food restaurants - usually in the meal you've ordered - but no one expected to find a sophisticated drug-smuggling tunnel underneath this American KFC.

Investigators said the tunnel was discovered after the San Luis Police Department pulled over Ivan Lopez on August 13. A trap door underneath a bed at the Mexican residence was the starting point for the drug route.

Court records state that Lopez bought the abandoned KFC building, which sits around 200 yards north of the Mexican city of San Luis Colorado, in April, paying $390,000 in cash, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports.

The tunnel was was discovered inside a former KFC restaurant after a traffic stop nearby.

"Such tunnels, not uncommon to the border of the United States and the Republic of Mexico, are nearly exclusively used for the smuggling of narcotics from Mexico into the United States", prosecutors noted.

A tunnel can take a long time and cost drug cartels hundreds of thousands of dollars to build.

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