Ebola: Doctor Infected Within Congo’s High Insecurity Zone

Doctor in eastern Congo contracts Ebola in 'dreaded' scenario: WHO

Doctor in eastern Congo contracts Ebola in 'dreaded' scenario: WHO

A physician in an area of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) held by rebel forces and hard for responders to access has contracted Ebola, a World Health Organization (WHO) official said today in a worrisome development.

Congo is struggling to curb the worst eruption of the disease in a decade in a region prone to attacks by militias and sheltering more than a million displaced people fleeing conflict. Aid workers, priests and government officials are held hostage in the area, he said.

As Ebola cases increase, the access of health and humanitarian workers is hard due to insecurity in an area affected by the active conflict.

Peter Salama, WHO's emergency response chief in Geneva, said: "It really was the problem we were anticipating and the problem at the same time we were dreading".

"It is the first time we have a confirmed case and contacts in an area of high insecurity".

It's the first time that a confirmed case and contacts have been identified in the area of high insecurity concern, which is really a problem that the World Health Organization has been anticipating and at the same time dreading, Dr. Salama said. "We know from that incident now in Oicha we are going to have to operate in some very complex environments due to security and access concerns".

So far 97 of the couple's contacts who may have been exposed to the virus have been identified, and vaccination has begun in Oicha, according to Salama.

Contacts finding and tracing are also working well, with 2,200 contacts now being followed in the six locations, and more 2,900 people have been vaccinated, including 21 rings around all of the 40 most recent cases. Dr. Salama attributes this vandalism to young residents who were angered after learning about a local Ebola death.

At least 103 cases of Ebola have been reported in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, according to the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

"We are at quite a pivotal moment in this outbreak", Salama said.

A whole of f 2,613 of us maintain now been vaccinated in 21 rings spherical the forty most no longer too prolonged ago confirmed cases.Salama furthermore offered more most important aspects on the utilization of therapeutics on this outbreak.

An Ebola outbreak erupted in the region on 1 August, with 63 deaths to date.

Without the proper medical response, this bout of Ebola has the potential to spread into an epidemic such as the one that killed more than 11,000 people in West Africa. Because of this, he said that the response to its threat must be stronger than ever before.

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