Judge in Paul Manafort trial apologizes for rebuking prosecution

Rick Gates getting questioned by Kevin Downing in Manafort Trial

Rick Gates getting questioned by Kevin Downing in Manafort Trial

"Mr Downing, I've made many mistakes over many years", said Gates, before being cut off by the judge, who snapped: "This isn't the time for that".

Ellis also criticized the prosecution for presenting evidence of Manafort's extravagant lifestyle, and he also snapped at them for having IRS revenue agent Michael Welch attend court proceedings before taking the stand as an expert witness.

Speaking of Ellis, the 78-year-old U.S. District Court judge overseeing the Eastern Virginia trial renewed his angry tone with prosecutors Wednesday.

Paul Manafort hid more than 30 offshore accounts in three types of currencies from the IRS, according to an Federal Bureau of Investigation forensic accountant testifying in the former Trump campaign chairman's trial.

Gates has been the government's star witness in Manafort's financial fraud trial, testifying how, at the behest of his longtime boss, he helped hide millions of dollars in foreign income and submitted fake mortgage and tax documents. "This is an especially severe risk when the core of the case is the testimony of a co-conspirator who is admittedly a thief, liar, and embezzler".

After three days of dramatic and even salacious testimony in the trial of Paul Manafort, prosecutors today returned to the nuts and bolts of their case against the former Trump campaign chairman as a witness recounted how he lied to obtain millions of dollars in bank loans. Plus, why is Judge T.S. Ellis III getting so involved in the trial?

Prosecutors asked Ellis to instruct the jury that they hadn't done anything improper in an attempt to fix any unfair prejudice.

In an email shown to the jury, Manafort, the former campaign chairman for President Donald Trump, wrote to Gates on November 24, 2016, "We need to discuss Steve Calk for Sec of Army".

Prosecutor Greg Andres asked Gates on Wednesday whether Mueller's team had told him how to answer questions.

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This courtroom sketch depicts defense lawyer Kevin Downing asking questions of Rick Gates, as former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, bottom front left, listens during Manafort's trial on bank fraud and tax evasion.

But the defense team has taken on the the daunting task of convincing jurors that Gates, who was in constant communication with Manafort and carrying out his wishes, is an unreliable witness who had simply gone rogue and independently chose to boost his boss' personal income over a period of several years. One prosecutor noted that the judge had granted permission for the agent to attend. He finished his testimony Wednesday, Day 7 of the trial.

Manafort's lawyers have not yet indicated whether they plan to call witnesses as part of his defense.

Manafort and Gates were the first two people indicted in Mueller's investigation into potential ties between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign.

The prosecution produced an undated email exchange between Mr Manafort and Mr Gates which outlines the amount of tax the campaign chief might have to pay.

Gates also admitted, however, that the same tricks he used to help doctor and falsify records for Manafort he also deployed for his own personal gain in order to covertly wire funds out of Manafort's offshore accounts to line his own pockets.

When Gates pleaded guilty and flipped on Manafort in February, he also agreed to help the special counsel with its investigation into Russian election interference as he was needed.

"This robe doesn't make me any more than a human", he said, concluding, "Any criticism of counsel should be put aside - it doesn't have anything to do with this case".

Neither man was charged in connection with their Trump campaign work, but the trial has nonetheless been closely watched by a president who insists Manafort was treated shabbily and who continues to fume publicly about Mueller's investigation into potential ties between his associates and the Kremlin.

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