Turkey hits back at U.S. with tariff hikes on key products

Andrew Brunson centre was released from prison but put under house arrest last month. If found guilty he faces 35 years in jail

Andrew Brunson centre was released from prison but put under house arrest last month. If found guilty he faces 35 years in jail

A Moroccan group on Facebook named "the national campaign to demand a real Islamic bank in Morocco" has launched a campaign to boycott U.S. made goods and restaurants in response to Washington's targeting of the Turkish currency and the United States sanction against Turkey scheduled in the coming weeks.

Turkey-based experts, however, have noted that China's influence is still largely confined to the economy. But world stock traders were dismayed the bank did not raise interest rates, which is what many economists believe is necessary to ease the crisis. Higher rates would slow economic growth, which he wants to egg on, but are urgently needed to support the currency and tame inflation, experts say.

Erdogan, who in 2016 urged Turks to convert their foreign-currency savings into lira and gold as relations with the US started to deteriorate, said this week that they should exchange the metal for lira.

Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak, son-in-law of Erdogan, will speak with about 1,000 foreign investors on Thursday via a teleconference, the private NTV broadcaster said.

Brunson was sent from jail to house arrest last month but the move added to rather than defused tensions, with USA officials bitterly disappointed he had not been allowed to return home.

President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have repeatedly urged Turkey to release Brunson, with the US levying sanctions against two Turkish ministers over his detainment.

His case now lies at the heart of a diplomatic crisis between Turkey and the United States that has sent Turkish lira into free-fall.

The move comes after US President Donald Trump announced last week that the United States was doubling steel and aluminium tariffs on Turkey, as the two North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies quarrel over Brunson's detention.

A second appeal to release an American pastor held in Turkey was rejected Wednesday, his lawyer said, even as Turkish courts ordered the release of two Greek soldiers and a senior human rights official.

Erdogan and Sheikh Tamim also exchanged views on bilateral relations and regional developments during their three-hour meeting, according to Anadolu Agency.

If Brunson is found guilty, he could face up to 35 years in prison.

The Trump administration punished Turkey with economic sanctions and traffic hikes over the detention of an American Christian pastor standing trial on disputed terrorism charges. Turkey has accused Brunson of backing a coup attempt against Erdogan two years ago.

For its part, Turkey would like to see the extradition of Fethullah Gulen, who now lives in Pennsylvania.

That was a rare Trump understatement, as the two countries face sharp differences on the case of Brunson and other detained Americans, Erdogan's consolidation of power, USA support for Kurds in Syria, growing Turkish relations with Russia, Turkey's evasion of US sanctions and more.

The two countries have also been in conflict in Syria's war. He is also charged with supporting the banned Kurdish PKK movement.

China isn't the only country the USA has a rocky relationship with - Turkey is causing a few headaches for U.S. leaders as well.

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