As Hurricane Florence Makes Landfall, Trump Tweets Support to First Responders

President Trump seeks praise for Puerto Rico response as Hurricane Florence barrels toward Carolinas

President Trump seeks praise for Puerto Rico response as Hurricane Florence barrels toward Carolinas

Two of Florida's top Republicans on Thursday distanced themselves from President Donald Trump's false claim that Hurricane Maria did not kill almost 3,000 people in Puerto Rico previous year, despite an estimate accepted by the island's government.

Last month, George Washington University released a report that put Puerto Rico's death toll at 2,975 - up from the Puerto Rican government's official count of 64.

Trump rejected these reports with no evidence based claims saying that the higher death toll is a political ploy to make him look bad.

President Trump will be visiting areas affected by Hurricane Florence next week, the White House says. President Donald Trump denied this reality as a hurricane barrels toward the Carolinas.

Yet President Trump remained fixated on why he is widely blamed for the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico past year.

Trump's anger over the death toll drew swift rebukes from elected officials and residents of the island, where blackouts remain common, 60,000 homes still have makeshift roofs and 13 per cent of municipalities lack stable phone or internet service. It was conducted by the nonpartisan George Washington University's Milken Institute School of Public Health.

Studies estimated the death toll ranged from 800 to more than 4,600. Grassley also told reporters that "I don't know the president's motivations on a lot of things unless I talk to him personally".

"If a person died for any reason, like old age, just add them on to the list", he tweeted. But I think this is more than politics.

This "issue" was not on my radar until one of my kids texted in a family chat: "Is trump off his rocker with this Puerto Rico death toll stuff?" He told CBS News, "neither the people of Puerto Rico nor the victims deserve their pain to be questioned".

"I spent a [sic] 5 days volunteering in Puerto Rico several months after the Hurricanes", Cox wrote.

As Hurricane Florence continued to batter the Carolinas on Friday night - five people were confirmed dead as of Saturday morning - the president was still relitigating his administration's widely criticized response to Hurricane Maria, which struck Puerto Rico nearly a year ago, by promoting a baseless conspiracy theory. Millions of homes and businesses lost power after hurricane made landfall, making it the largest blackout in U.S. history and the second-largest in the world. Texas Sen. John Cornyn, the No. 2 Republican in the Senate, defended the federal government's efforts in Puerto Rico and said he didn't have any detail on the numbers of the dead.

Colbert is one leftist enraged by Trump's recent comments.

"Mr. President- I'd very much be willing to walk you through the scientific process of the study and how [George Washington University] arrived at the excess mortality number estimate", Rosselló replied to Trump's tweet.

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