Czech PM Babis ‘stands behind Hungary’ after European Union parliament vote on sanctions

German Chancellor Merkel welcomes Czech Prime Minister Babis in Berlin

German Chancellor Merkel welcomes Czech Prime Minister Babis in Berlin

Article 7 sanctions can only be brought upon a member of the European Union that violates the values of "human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities".

This marks the first time in EU history that the European Parliament has initiated and approved such a motion, which now passes to the leaders of the EU's 28-member states for approval.

For years, Orban had been able to deflect much of the worldwide condemnation thrown his way.

Mr Orban has for years deflected much of the worldwide condemnation of Hungary's electoral system, media freedoms, independence of the judiciary, mistreatment of asylum-seekers and refugees, and limits on the functioning of NGOs.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban addresses MEPs during a debate on the situation in Hungary at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, September 11, 2018.

When asked for comment, a Hungarian government representative cited Palkovics' interview from June in which he had said they are "currently examining whether actual training is being performed by the CEU in the United States with the involvement of education experts". If the abstentions were counted into the final tally, there would have been a total 693 votes, so the 448 in favor wouldn't have reached two-thirds.

Agoston Mraz, director of Hungary's pro-government think-tank Nezopont, said Orban still did not want to leave the EPP. The Europeans are struggling to verify a nuclear tackle Iran within the face of American opposition, nonetheless are stymied by American secondary sanctions, given the dominant feature that the dollar plays in worldwide switch and banking.He most frequently identified as for extra investment in European defense, and for controlling migration by shoring up the bloc's exterior borders and investing in countries from the set a range of the migrants invent. "The European Parliament rightly stood up for the Hungarian people and for the EU. They deserve freedom of speech, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice and equality, all of which are enshrined in the European treaties".

"If there is a serious problem, and to some extent we do understand and share some concerns mentioned in the report, the right way would be to go through the European Commission and not the European Parliament, which is why we voted the way we did", Plenković said.

The European Union accuses Budapest in violation of the rule of law, in particular the harassment of non-governmental organizations. "European institutions", the Polish foreign ministry said in a statement posted on its website. "MEPs across the political spectrum have taken a historic stand in defending the EU's democratic values and the rights of its citizens".

Orban's critics and opponents were elated by the outcome. Soros has repeatedly denied the allegations.

The Article 7 of the Treaty of the European Union, or TEU - which established the bloc in 1992 - seeks to protect the EU values defined in Article 2.

Some politicians from other countries also defended Mr Orban's government.

Strasbourg, Sep 13 (UNI) The European Parliament has voted to trigger Article 7 sanctions procedure against Hungary. Yascha Mounk, a lecturer on government at Harvard University has called Orbán "the most sophisticated enemy of liberal democracy in Europe".

The same procedure is already underway against Poland, this time triggered by the European Commission, EUobserver reports. "There is nothing to talk about".

Much of Orban's conservative European People's Party in the European Parliament which includes German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats voted in favour of the motion to sanction Hungary over the rule of law.

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