Georgia Governor declares State of Emergency for all counties

An auto parts store has wood paneling installed over the windows Tuesday Sept. 11 2018 in New Bern N.C. as a precaution against storm damage from Hurricane Florence

An auto parts store has wood paneling installed over the windows Tuesday Sept. 11 2018 in New Bern N.C. as a precaution against storm damage from Hurricane Florence

Florence is now a Category 4 Hurricane barrelling towards the US East Coast with some experts claiming it will make a direct hit.

Based on the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center, the earliest reasonable arrival of tropical storm force winds is Thursday morning.

Steady streams of vehicles full of people and belongings flowed inland Tuesday as Gov. Roy Cooper tried to convince everyone on North Carolina's coast to flee.

WTSP meteorologist Ashley Batey warned the hurricane will hit the east coast in the next couple of days.

Hurricane Florence kept everyone on edge Wednesday, when the storm began sliding southward and taking aim at the Georgia coast. Winds have decreased a little bit this morning down to 130mph but that's only because it's undergone what's called an eyewall replacement cycle that temporarily weakens the storm.

As skies fluctuated Tuesday between heavy showers and occasional bright spots, a certain sunny outlook swaddled Wrightsville Beach, despite the looming arrival of Florence's heavy winds and inundating rains that has prompted widespread evacuations along the southeastern U.S. coast.

Byard, the FEMA official, said "this storm is not going to be a glancing blow".

"Hurricane Florence is the strongest storm to target the Carolinas and this part of our country in decades".

Michelle Stober loaded up valuables at her home on Wrightsville Beach to drive back to her primary residence in Cary, North Carolina.

It was located 575 miles (925 kms) east-southeast of Cape Fear, North Carolina, and moving at 17 mph (28 kph) in a west-northwest direction.

Faced with new forecasts that showed a more southerly threat, Georgia's governor joined his counterparts in Virginia and North and SC in declaring a state of emergency, and some residents who had thought they were safely out of range boarded up their homes.

"It's not looking too good right now", said Galarneau. It will be arriving soon.

Sen. Jeff Merkley of OR said the administration was taking money from FEMA's "response and recovery" to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency at a time when Hurricane Florence is bearing down on the Southeast U.S. coast.

"We will handle it".

"I notified every public agency in Coweta County, mainly putting people on alert and telling them to gear up, get what they need, check staff levels and bolster them, if need be", he said.

"Don't play games with it".

"The biggest thing is you're always anxious about yourself and friends and family - and whether they'll have a place to come back to", he said.

Hurricane Florence, heading for the Carolinas, "will likely be the storm of a lifetime" for areas of the coast, according to the National Weather Service early Wednesday.

"Maximum sustained winds are near 130 miles per hour (215 km/h) with higher gusts".

Chloe Heeden, 4, of Virginia Beach, Va., drags a sandbag to her father's auto Wednesday in Virginia Beach as Hurricane Florence moves towards the eastern shore.

"Strengthening is forecast through tonight".

The massive storm is threatening the East Coast of the USA with an expected landfall early Friday. "An Air Force Reserve reconnaissance aircraft is now investigating the hurricane".

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