Mac security app sent data to China

A bunch of Mac App Store apps are secretly uploading user data to their servers

A bunch of Mac App Store apps are secretly uploading user data to their servers

Apps from a well-known cyber-security firm were taken down from the Mac app store by Apple after they were found to export users' browser histories.

Adware Medic was a direct copy of an app developed by Malwarebytes. The apps also gathered data on other apps installed on the system too.

It claims it prevents "malware and malicious files from infecting your Mac" and claims to be one of the best apps to do so.

When Wardle opened the zip file, he found that it contained browser history from Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Nevertheless, Trend Micro has chose to remove the browser history collecting capability from all the company's Mac apps.

The controversy first erupted in August when pseudonymous German security researcher Privacy1st posted a YouTube video of how the top-selling Trend Micro Adware Doctor exfiltrated users' browser history and files.

While neither Apple nor Trend has responded to a request for comment on the matter, the removals are nearly certainly a response to reports in recent days that the products appeared to covertly collect and upload private user data. Cleaner, and Dr. Unarchiver to upload user data to an external server is not singular, Privacy_1 points out.

He discovered that the app was promoting the Trend Micro Antivirus product in the store, with no apparent connection.

Apps that collect and store data must receive permission to do so.

"Trend Micro is aware of a recent scrutiny of some of our consumer applications, including our Dr".

But, according to what was published by the well-known security researcher Patrick Wardle, this application is accessing user data for which it did not warn that it would consult and who should have access. The company claims this was done for "security purposes", particularly to see if users had recently come into contact with adware or other threats. I've been saying this for several years now, as we've been detecting junk software in the App Store for nearly as long as I've been at Malwarebytes.

Dr Cleaner, Dr Antivirus, and App Uninstall - utilities owned by the Japan-headquartered security house and distributed on the Mac App Store - are no longer available for download. It is unknown how many users downloaded these "tools" and had their data scraped over the lifetime of the apps. A representative of the company told BleepingComputer that the company statement would be updated continuously.

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