Technology 2021: A first look at concepts for F1's future

The concept car for 2021 was revealed yesterday and Hamilton was impressed

The concept car for 2021 was revealed yesterday and Hamilton was impressed

Some of the concepts show that the halo above the cockpit is stylistically more integrated with the car's design while others show how the design team are looking at controlling the airflow over the wheels.

"When you get into that position where you are two or three auto lengths behind, you are losing grip and the tyres degrade more and it becomes very challenging".

"That is not to control the development, because it's critical this development achieves its objectives, but why shouldn't we have great looking cars as we're evolving the cars?"

"The current cars lose up to 50 per cent of their performance once they get to within one or two auto lengths. which means they struggle to race each other", added the Briton.

Three proposals showcase a few different directions the 2021 F1 racer could go, though none of them move the needle in a particularly dramatic fashion. Brawn said the cars need to look so good that young fans will want posters of them on their walls. We've had a designer working with the aerodynamic group, so as we've progressed.

"I'm definitely going to be driving if cars look like this".

The auto not only features 18-inch wheels, which F1 is planning on racing from 2021 onwards, but a simpler overall design.

"We see it in other forms of racing, but they are often categories with fixed designs and everyone races the same auto". Concept 1 which is where we started, Concept 2, a little bit more extreme, our ideas have started to form more.

F1 has been working on a new auto design for about a year, the 63-year-old former Mercedes and Brawn team boss said, collaborating with governing body the FIA and the teams on alleviating the problem whereby a vehicle behind another loses a significant amount of its performance. "There's features on each part of the concept which may well carry over".

For as long as there has been a Formula 1 class of racing, the cars have been under constant development - some years the changes have been smaller, sometimes bigger, sometimes taking a step back in performance in the name of legislation.

I don't know about you, but I love the way these three ideas look.

"I am pretty optimistic that we will produce some great looking cars and they will be able to race each other much more effectively than they were in the past". I think it's the first time Formula 1 has majored on these aspects.

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